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ASA Ventures Group supports business owners by reducing their ongoing equity risk and their burden of business ownership. We will take the burden off your shoulders by providing you with a dedicated and knowledgeable growth investment partner so that you may not have to worry about your business growth. Whether you wish to further grow your business or exit your existing business, you can count on our team.

ASA Ventures Group

Who We Are

As previous and current business owners, we realize the sale of a company is about the right partnership as well as highest valuation. We are trusted experts in investment banking, servicing clients across the country. The ASA Ventures Group team has over 25 years of expertise in M&A, and our unique sale process involves structuring transactions around our clients’ needs.

What We Do

At ASA Ventures Group, we implement a competitive, targeted process to attract acquirers specifically interested in our client’s company. We manage the entire process from start to finish (a done-for-you process) for four to six months.

In recent years, we’ve had great success with companies in healthcare, technology, and staffing. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or make an exit, you can rely on us. We have developed six stages in this regard.

Stage 1

We Put Financials into Our Models

We start off by calculating an adjusted EBITDA and transforming your company into a form that buyers can submit offers on.

We develop detailed forecasts and bring our clients financial literacy—walking you through how we developed the numbers. This will even help you better plan and budget your day-to-day business

Stage 2

We Deliver a Full Buyer Pool

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This is a balancing act between maintaining the confidentiality and making sure no opportunity is missed. Each buyer has a specific reason for being on the list. Most clients tell us they did not know 95% of the buyers we presented in this pool.

As soon as we get your approval, we immediately begin reaching out to gauge interest. This is within a week of you signing on.

Stage 3

We Develop an Executive Summary

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Taking a company to market is a lot more about positioning and story than most people think. Since many buyers reach out to us, we have an understanding of what is expected and produce a document that will be used to solicit interest in your business.

We once worked with a client that handled healthcare claims cost containment. However, after an analysis of their company, we discovered that they had an internal tech platform that enabled them to stand out from the competition. So we marketed them as a healthcare technology company and this resulted in a much higher valuation for our client.

Stage 4

We Develop a CIM & Data Room

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Once a buyer takes a look at the executive summary and develops an interest in your company, they sign a nondisclosure agreement. We then give them access to the data room and CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum), which showcases the forecasts and models of your company and outlines how the buyer can quickly grow the company.

Anything unique or proprietary is highlighted in detail, showing where your company is now and where it could be with the buyer’s support.

During this stage, we make sure to keep you in the loop and run any updates by you.

Stage 5

We Reach Out to Buyers & Vet Acquirers

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This stage occurs around six weeks after signing with us. In M&A, a lot of time is wasted figuring out which buyer is real. We take this process off your hands and have several conversations with the buyers before they get to you.

We even have them submit offers so we can determine how real their IOI is and ensure to hold them to our strict timeline.

We are more than aware of the true valuation of your company. That’s why it’s only after multiple conversations with legit buyers do we introduce you to them. We’ll also be sure to give you the feedback we’ve received on how you can further increase your valuation.

Stage 6

We Introduce You to Buyers

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At this stage, it usually comes down to choosing a buyer that is the right fit for you rather than going with the highest valuation. Before we introduce you to the buyers, we coach you on how to talk to them and position your company. Every buyer is different and may want different things; this is why we vet them long before you have a conversation with them.

In the meantime, our team focuses on negotiating long-term incentive plans for your employees, your employment terms, the structure of the transaction, and more.

Once we’ve picked a buyer, we have them sign a letter of intent and close the transaction within 60 to 90 days. During this period, you can continue running your business and not worry about finding legal aid or accountants.

By now, it’s been around four to six months since you signed on with us.

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Why Our Service is Far Better than a Business Broker Denver CO

ASA Ventures Group is a company that is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to our clients. We offer a full range of services that far exceed that of a business broker. We are based in Denver, CO but provide services for clients throughout the United States. In our role as your mergers and acquisitions broker, our focus is on providing end-to-end, done-for-you services that help business owners to position their business to attract acquirers. This is completed through a structured, multi-stage approach that ensures business owners are prepared with an effective exit strategy that is uniquely designed to meet their needs.

The experts at ASA Ventures Group offer a proven approach to transitioning a business. Our M&A services are provided by experts in the industry with years of experience in all aspects of business ownership. This includes corporate restructuring and building companies to performing the duties of CFO, CEO, or other executive leadership roles. Each member of the team has extensive experience in acquisitions and mergers, investment banking, structured finance, and debt management. We focus on creating a market to sell private businesses and, thereby, develop highly effective exit strategies for business owners across all industries.

ASA Ventures Group specializes in helping healthcare business owners find the perfect buyer at the highest valuation through our competitive process. This is a highly differentiated industry, and it can be challenging to find a buyer for an existing company. We also work with companies in all industries, including technology and staffing. Our team uses our proven six stage process to find many great buyers for a healthcare business. Healthcare business owners in Denver, CO and around the United States turn to us to run our process and attract qualified and fully vetted acquirers in the shortest possible period of time. Utilizing the experience and expertise of ASA Ventures Group is the most efficient way to sell your business to the right buyer. We work to negotiate every part of the transaction, work with your current employees to facilitate the transition and help close the sale within four to six months of signing on with our service.


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