Who is This Information For?

If you are a business owner or you know a business owner, you are the right person to read this piece. As business owners ourselves, we know you have limited time and attention, you are being pulled in many different directions and you are trying to focus on the things that will drive it forward. Every business owner has thought about a succession plan. If you have thought about one but pause because you are so busy, this content is for you. Why? Just like planning for retirement, succession planning is something everyone knows will come one day, something that takes a long time to prepare for and only those that do the necessary preparations will have success. The cool part is of all the options out there to get out of your business: sell the assets, give it to family, give it to the employees, sell to a strategic that approached you. None of those will have all the components of working with ASA Ventures: fast, limited time on your part, makes you more cash than any of the others, and leads to a potential partnership with sophisticated business people.

How Much Time it Actually Takes?

At ASA, our M&A process is designed to put all the upfront work on our shoulders so you can focus on your business throughout the M&A process. In order to get to the point of having offers from viable buyers, it will require 2 one-hour calls with you and your financial person and a download of our diligence items request. Then, you don’t hear from us until we are presenting you offers. After the offers are in, you decide whether you like the acquirers/valuations. If you do not, we pause the process as long as you want and run it again, all on our dime. If you like the offers, you will get more involved but you will WANT to because of the opportunity you see with the acquirers. If you are thinking about a succession, do not miss out on the potential to make generational wealth, partner with a great team, and have it your way after the transaction.